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HIPAA compliance will matter soon

Case Study: Cut no-shows by focusing on the patient

When their no-show rate hit 18%, Georgia Hand, Shoulder and Elbow Surgery knew it had to do something. Here's how they slashed their no-show rate down to 5% in just six months.… Read full article...


HIPAA compliance will matter soon

Could greater HIPAA
enforcement harm you?

Physicians Practice reports that more aggressive HIPAA enforcement could be on the way.  They list 3 reasons to anticipate a pending HIPAA crackdown… Read full article...

practice management goal-setting

4 Steps to Turn Your
Practice Vision to Reality

The new year brings a unique opportunity: it's a time when employees are at least a little more open to try new things. To capitalize on this moment, and move closer to the ultimate vision you have for your practice, consider this 4-step method to make effective changes in your organization. Read full article...

3 Keys to Seize More
Revenue in 2010

If you want your business to grow more profitable in 2010...something has to change. Maybe you need new software. A better workflow process. Or enhanced services for your clientele. Whatever the answer may be, you simply can't grow without change. Yet people naturally cling to the status quo. Here's how you can make positive changes happen faster…

4 Steps to Get More
Physician Referrals

If you rely on referrals to gain new patients, you've probably considered marketing your practice by buying lunch for a physician's office. Here's a 4-step action plan that may make more sense than feeding a hungry office and never even speaking with the doctor. Read referral marketing article…

3 Money-Losing Habits of a Struggling
Practice...And How to Avoid Them

Retaining patients is essential to the profitability of your practice. Yet many patients fail to complete their course of treatment. When that happens, the patient suffers, and you lose out on the revenue from those unfulfilled visits. Here are some ideas to help you enhance retention. Read article...

7 Steps to Increase Patient Retention

7 Ways to Improve
Patient Retention

Retaining patients is essential to the profitability of your practice. Yet many patients fail to complete their course of treatment. When that happens, the patient suffers, and you lose out on the revenue from those unfulfilled visits. Here are some ideas to help you enhance retention. Read article...

Reduce no-shows with better reminders

7 Steps to a Better Reminder Program

Appointment reminders are an important way to reduce no-shows. However not all reminder programs are the same. Here are seven ways to enhance the reminders at your office. You’ll find it doesn’t take a lot of extra effort or staff time to improve your patient attendance noticeably. Read article...

Clinical Study Suggests 5 Ways to Reduce No-Shows

The Annals of Family Medicine (AFM) conducted a fascinating study on no-shows. Here are their conclusions, along with our suggestions on how to resolve these issues in your practice.
Read article...

Medical reimbursements have dropped 28% since 2004.

Solve These 10 Practice Problems with SaaS

SaaS (Software as a Service) is the most profitable trend in healthcare technology today. You can now find affordable, cutting-edge SaaS solutions for billing, scheduling, documentation, patient compliance and more. Here's how SaaS can solve 10 of the biggest problems you face today.
Read article...

Medical reimbursements have dropped 28% since 2004.

4 Steps to Make Billing More Profitable

Many medical practices are suffering an unprecedented
reimbursement crisis. Since 2004, payments for all
E&M codes have dropped 28%. Here are four steps that
can help you protect the future of your practice.
Read billing article...


Benchmarking your practice

If you're not benchmarking,
you don't know the score!

It’s critical to know how your costs, productivity and revenue compares with other practices. Business benchmarking gives you a crystal-clear, unbiased measure of exactly how well your practice is performing. More important, it highlights those areas that offer the greatest opportunity for enhancing your profitability. The foremost benchmarking study for rehab private practice owners has just released some of its key findings from 2008. Read findings...

Your scheduling board is costing you a fortune!

Is your department still using a white board or magnetic board? If so, your therapists have less time for patients, you're spending too many clerical FTEs on scheduling, and you're losing appointments (REVENUE!) when there are conflicts with other departments. There is a better way. Read article...

7 Ways to Boost Healthcare Efficiency

7 Ways to Boost Efficiency

Cutting patient wait times not only increases client satisfaction, it also makes your organization more profitable and your work environment more fulfilling. Here are some procedures, tools and techniques that can help you get more done at time when your resources may be more limited than ever. Read article...

7 Steps to Slash No-Shows & Cancellations

One of the biggest drains on your practice revenue is the problem of cancellations and no-shows. In some practice environments, it’s not uncommon for as many as 10-15% of all appointments to go unfulfilled. Fortunately, this is one area with many potential solutions. By establishing a few simple procedures throughout your organization, you can greatly reduce your cancellations and no-shows. At SpectraSoft, we typically find that many practices cut their cancellations in half implementing just one or two of these suggestions! Read article...

DocuPRO rehab documentation

Spend more time with patients and you can generate more revenue

SpectraSoft’s newest release of its physical therapy documentation software introduces a number of innovative time-saving features. DocuPRO 10.2 not only cuts the time it takes to do chart your cases -- it also gives you freedom to work away from the office, so you can spend more of that time treating patients and creating more revenue for your practice. Read more...




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